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Doing our part

Little Hooves Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been bringing in new miniature horses, donkeys and mules from Texas auctions and kill pens every month. With each new group we strive to bring the rescues back to full health before they find their forever homes. Our minis tend to be adopted quickly, so please check back regularly for availability.

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Adopt One,

Save Two

Introducing our newest program. Simply upgrade your adoption fee when you adopt a mini from Little Hooves and we will rescue a second mini in your name. You'll receive picture updates, be able to name the mini, and get to follow its journey from the kill pen to a new life. Contact us for more information.


Everyone knows that the monthly upkeep of horses starts to become your biggest expense. By donating $40/month you can help sponsor the care of our minis. This will help cover the expenses for shavings, hay, farrier and veterinary procedures.


the Minis



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