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Giving Senior Horses a Second Chance

We may be focused primarily on minis here at Little Hooves, but we also have a huge soft spot for all the senior horses that get dumped at auctions and kill pens when they no longer serve a use to their old owners. We wanted to feature one of our senior saves, Atlas, and show his progress after some TLC!.

Atlas: roughly 27 years old, unknown breed and around 15h. Oh, and he has a mustache!

We got Atlas from the Stroud Kill Pen in April 2021 after another senior horse, Banjo, that we pulled from the kill pen passed away before he could be picked up. In turn, the kill pen offered us another senior horse in similar condition. We didn't know anything about him, but said we would take him.

After a month in quarantine, Atlas arrived to San Diego, CA and was still very emaciated and lame. We had the vet come out, run blood work and see what she thought of him. Luckily all his blood work came back pretty good which made him a candidate for Previcox to help with the arthritis he has in both front knees. His left front knee is very enlarged and he has very limited range of motion which is what causes him to walk funny.

To date, Atlas has put on a ton of weight and his personality has truly come out. He nickers every time he sees you (mostly because he's hoping he gets a treat). We've also learned that

he is incredibly clumsy. He will walk right into and over things and it doesn't phase him at all. Usually happens when he's on his serious mission to get back to his stall for dinner. Click through to see some of his comparison's after just a month!

Atlas will never be ridden again and has spent his whole life serving people. He deserved the second chance to be loved again. He brings a smile to everyone's face that meets him and is a great companion to all the animals at the barn, big or small. We are so thankful that we were able to bring Atlas into our lives.

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